Tom Stoltman


Tom Stoltman, the towering strongman from Invergordon, Scotland, stands at an imposing 6’ 8” and weighs in at 29 stone. His journey to becoming a two-time World’s Strongest Man champion was unconventional. At just five years old, Tom was diagnosed with autism, a fact he proudly shares to inspire others facing similar challenges. He views his autism as a superpower, enhancing his focus and determination.

Nickname: The Albatross
Date of Birth: 30/05/1994
Country: Scotland
Height: 2.03M (6FT 8IN)
Weight: 175KG (386LBS)

Career Highlights

Tom's strongman career began at 18, quickly rising through the ranks to claim titles such as Britain’s Strongest Man and Scotland’s Strongest Man. In 2021, he made history by winning the World’s Strongest Man title, defeating legendary competitors like Brian Shaw and Maxime Boudreault. Tom's dominance continued in 2022, successfully defending his title. Despite finishing as runner-up in 2023, Tom remains a formidable force in the strongman world.

Record-Breaking Feats

Tom's strength is unmatched, evident in his record-breaking lifts. He holds the world record in the Atlas Stones and has achieved remarkable lifts in deadlifts, log lifts, and axle presses.

Media Presence

Tom's achievements have earned him widespread recognition, with appearances on popular TV shows and features in various publications. Together with his brother Luke, Tom has a significant online presence, engaging with fans through their YouTube channel, Stoltman Brothers, and social media platforms like Instagram.
Tom's journey, marked by triumphs and challenges, serves as an inspiration to aspiring strongmen worldwide, solidifying his status as one of the sport's greatest athletes.





2 times World's Strongest Man in 2021 and 2022.


2 times Scotland's Strongest Man


3 times Britain’s Strongest Man

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