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Crafting Extraordinary Statuettes to Preserve Iconic Sporting Triumphs

Indulge in our exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind statuettes, meticulously designed to immortalize the most awe-inspiring junctures in the annals of sports history. Our artisanal figurines adeptly encapsulate the raw sentiments emanating from athletes at the precise pinnacle of their triumphs, encompassing monumental victories and record-shattering feats. Meticulously sculpted by seasoned artisans, these masterpieces intricately replicate the human form at a remarkable 1:10 scale, facilitating intricate scrutiny and comprehensive juxtaposition. Imbued with a distinct identity, each statuette is adorned with a unique serial number, ensuring an unparalleled level of distinctiveness. Embrace the artistry that perpetuates greatness with our exceptional sports commemorative statuettes.

Our Vision

We are a team of sports fans, athletes, and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. In the Shape of Sport, we put our hearts into this project and approach it very personally because of our sincere passion. We strive to combine modern technologies with classics and art to embody physical culture in the shape. The Shape of Sport.

Our Ambassador

Oleksii Novikov

Oleksiy Novikov is a Ukrainian strongman. In 2020, he won the World's strongest man, the most prestigious tournament among strongmen. He is the second winner of this tournament in the history of Ukraine after Vasyl Virastiuk.

The Ukrainian strongman became the youngest winner of this competition in history and was one of the smallest in terms of weight. At the tournament, Oleksiy set a new world record: he was able to pull a barbell weighing 537 kilograms.

And recently, during a live broadcast of the Parimatch special project Breakfast with the Champion, Oleksiy Novikov set a new Ukrainian record. He was able to carry a 500 kg Super Yoke (a rocker) over a distance of 10 meters.

Novikov spoke about his family, his beard, and his journey from a skinny teenager to the strongest man on the planet, revealing some details of his victory at the WSM. The strongman shared his opinion on the development of strongman sports in Ukraine and the world, gave advice to young people and urged them to work hard.

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