Jon Call


Born Jon Call in Huntsville, Alabama, Jujimufu discovered his passion for fitness at a young age. Introduced to Taekwondo at 13, he quickly gravitated towards weightlifting, particularly deadlifts and squats. His fascination with strength training led him to embrace tricking—an activity involving flips, twists, and kicks—at age 15.

Nickname: Jujimufu
Date of Birth: 9/12/1985
Country: United States
Height: 1.8M (5FT 11IN)
Weight: 106.6 - 111.1kg (235 - 245lbs)

Tricking and Beyond

Mastering tricking techniques in his backyard, Jujimufu merged acrobatics with bodybuilding and strength feats. His dedication paid off when he achieved full splits within two months, showcasing his flexibility and athleticism. Launching in 2002, he gained recognition for his unique blend of skills.

From Corporate to Fitness

After working in biotechnology for seven years, Jujimufu transitioned to full-time fitness in 2016. Embracing powerlifting, he showcased impressive performances in competitions, including a notable total at his first full meet in 2020. Venturing into bodybuilding, he sought guidance from industry icons like Kai Greene and Flex Wheeler, with plans to debut at the Arnold Amateur in 2021.

Career Diversification

Beyond competitions, Jujimufu is a savvy entrepreneur, owning businesses like and, offering a range of fitness products and training programs. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, his channel features diverse content, from training tips to collaborations.

Current Status

While Jujimufu's bodybuilding aspirations faced setbacks due to event postponements, his commitment to fitness remains unwavering. Despite parting ways with his business partner, he continues to inspire and entertain audiences with his multifaceted talents and entrepreneurial ventures.

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