Graham Hicks


Graham Hicks, also known as Hicksy, hails from the coastal town of Morecambe in Lancashire and is renowned as the 2019 Britain’s Strongest Man. Despite starting as a professional rugby player, Hicks transitioned to strongman competitions, quickly gaining fame for his immense strength and remarkable career achievements.

Nickname: Hixxy
Date of Birth: 15/11/1985
Country: ENGLAND
Height: 1.78M (5FT 10IN)
Weight: 163KG (359LBS)

Career Highlights

Beginning his strongman journey in the U105kg class, Hicks made swift progress, dominating competitions and setting his sights on the open division. Over the years, he has become known for his exceptional overhead lifting ability, notably establishing British records in the log press. Hicks's career has been marked by podium finishes and notable victories, including his memorable win at the 2019 Britain’s Strongest Man competition.

Best Title

Hicks's most notable career achievement remains his victory at the 2019 Britain’s Strongest Man, where he triumphed over formidable opponents to claim the coveted title. His exceptional performance in events like the Log for repetitions showcased his dominance in the sport and solidified his status as a top-tier competitor.

Competition Results

Throughout his career, Hicks has been a consistent contender in strongman competitions, earning accolades such as finalist at the World’s Strongest Man and podium finishes at Europe’s Strongest Man and Britain’s Strongest Man. His impressive lifting abilities have earned him recognition not only in his homeland but also on the international stage.

Record-Breaking Feats

Hicks's strength extends beyond strongman competitions, as evidenced by his remarkable powerlifting achievements. With impressive lifts like the deadlift, squat, and bench press, he has set records and achieved remarkable success in powerlifting contests.

Present Day

Despite grappling with a persistent groin injury since 2021, Hicks remains determined to overcome setbacks and return to competition. His relentless dedication to training and rehabilitation underscores his resilience and commitment to the sport.

Media Presence

Hicks enjoys widespread popularity both on television and social media platforms, where he shares insights into his training and competitions. With a significant following on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, he keeps fans updated on his journey and maintains an active presence in the strength sports community. Additionally, Hicks's achievements and progress are regularly featured in online publications, highlighting his impact on the strength scene.





Britain's Strongest Man 2019


2 times bronze medalist of "Britain's Strongest Man"


2 times bronze medalist of "Europe's Strongest Man"

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